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The Innovative Training Method to Overcome Every Challenge and Surprise Your Clients.

Get involved with StraFit: the revolutionary fitness method

If you want to increase your gains and capture the attention of your clients with an innovative approach to training, then StraFit is the answer you've been looking for. An institutional method with a CONI-recognised ACSI training path and constantly evolving, StraFit is redefining fitness standards.

The Efficiency and Portability of StraFit

StraFit is not just a tool, it is a customised and versatile training method suitable for indoor and outdoor workouts.

It is based on 5 key pillars:


1. Barefoot

To improve strength, circulation and to prevent injuries.


2. Low impact

It is super-cushioning and does not create negative stresses on ankles, knees and back.


3. Instability

Improves balance and coordination.


4. Short time

Intense, focused training in just 24 minutes.


5. Fun and engaging

New exercise protocols to keep motivation high.

More than just a tool: the StraFit method

Boost your clients' performance with our innovative new and improved method:



It improves balance and posture, making the body more stable and secure.



Strengthen your muscles with targeted exercises.



Improve it and start training longer and more intensively.



It promotes the rehabilitation of tendinitis, contusions and other injuries, accelerating recovery.



It makes the body more toned and defined, stimulating the lymphatic system.



Performs aerobic activities without joint stress, with 25% more energy consumption.



It burns fat mass and increases lean mass for a slimmer, more toned body.

Make your gym exclusive with personalized workouts from StraFit

Forget "series" subscriptions that are standard, impersonal, and all the same as each other.

With StraFit, you can offer your clients a range of personalized workout options, thanks to five different workout modules that will make your fitness center exclusive and original.

In this way, you will differentiate yourself from all your competitors so definitively that they will no longer even be a threat to you.






StraFit is the best way to be a state-of-the-art gym that offers its clients an unparalleled workout experience.

Here's a little taste of

what you might have in your gym:



Designed and conceived for group workouts and for all those gyms that have the possibility of setting up a space dedicated to this type of training.

Perfect for all people who do not want to be constrained by fixed and predetermined times to train.



It is the evolution of the StraFit, using and exploiting a metal base with fiberglass sticks that allow you to work specifically with the upper body as well.

It is ideal for those who do not want to rely on the usual generic cards and who prefer a more personalized workout followed by a certified personal trainer.



Designed for all gym owners who want to increase and differentiate the number of services to their clientele.

With a StraFit ring, you can indulge and offer private training sessions, physical therapy and targeted workouts.



The basic but no less important module.

The most suitable module for those who want to have a multifunctional tool at hand at all times.

Also perfect for individuals or athletic trainers.



Create classes with StraFit, make the most of the 24 minutes, and create a versatile schedule with postural, dyanimik and restart sessions that are fun and to the beat of the music.

As you can see, StraFit is the flagship that can quickly and easily differentiate your workout schedule, as well as add value to your fitness center, thanks to effective, unique and fun workouts that you hardly ever see around.

Therefore, standing out among all your competitors will be really easy, with StraFit, since most gyms out there are still anchored to the classic workouts with standard machines, all the same as each other, while you would have the opportunity to become the first fitness center in your area to revolutionize your clients' workout method.

What you will get, are a number of incredible benefits, both for your clientele, but more importantly for you, and I want to give you an idea of what you could get, if you decide to become an ambassador of our method.


Here are some of the major benefits you would bring to your gym by becoming our partner:


StraFit allows you to maximize your earnings and increase the value of the classes you offer, at no extra cost to you and optimizing workout time for your clients.

In fact, in just 24 minutes, you perform a complete workout in a fun, safe and effective way.

Thus, your clients will be happy and satisfied, and you can create more workout classes per hour, duplicating your income.


StraFit is not just a purchase, but an investment in the future of your center, with a measurable return in terms of customers and turnover.

While for bikes, treadmills, weights and all the other expensive equipment for which you invest tens of thousands the return is not calculable, with StraFit it is possible.

For example, by creating dedicated lunchtime classes.

Based on how many you can sell, you can get in a measured way the value of your investment and its return over time.


Adding an alternative workout method to your clients' annual membership, without increasing the cost, would make them loyal to your fitness center.

And satisfied customers act as sponsors for your gym, advertising for free and ensuring a steady stream of happy, recurring users.


By now, the rhythms of our lives are hectic.

Including those of your clients, who want to have flexible schedules and classes adaptable to their lifestyles and needs.

For example, by organizing classes even during lunch breaks.

In this way you please all those clients who cannot work out during the day but do not want to give up an effective workout.


With our method, which is safe and also suitable for rehabilitation, you attract to your gym even older people who have always thought they could not work out, because of their condition.


Have you ever thought about how many people drop out of your gym because they are not stimulated to work out or because they are bored?

With StraFit, from the very first seconds of a workout, fatigue disappears to make way for fun and an infectious good mood among everyone in the class.


You could be the first center in your area to introduce the StraFit world to your gym and definitely set yourself apart from the competition.


StraFit is a great ally for all athletes who want to maximize their results in a noticeable way.

It tangibly helps all professionals who play soccer, tennis, who ski, and all other sports that involve a lot of athletic effort, especially in the lower limbs.

If you want to help them boost their endurance and lower limb strength, StraFit is the right training partner.

Amazing how a simple workout method can revolutionize your business from top to bottom, isn't it?

That's because StraFit is the tool that brings everyone together: from gym owners, to the athlete looking to improve his or her performance, to the person going through rehabilitation.

StraFit guarantees an all-around workout for just about everyone!

News made in Italy 2024

As effective as a machine, yet as soft as a cloud: StraFit is the method that is revolutionizing the concept of fitness.

Compact, cushioned, fun, and easy to use, StraFit appeals to just about everyone: from experienced athletes who want to boost their performance, to people who want to stay in shape while having little time, to people facing rehabilitation after an injury.

With StraFit it's love at first try!

But what's different about it from all the other methods out there?

For starters, StraFit body activators are made of state-of-the-art materials, making them lightweight and easy to carry, yet very durable.

Thanks to their composition, you will have the feeling of walking on sand, in fact, every movement is cushioned and controlled by the body activators, just to avoid traumatic impacts to the joints.

So anyone will be able to train in total safety.

A comprehensive, fun and zero-impact workout...


  • Less than half an hour a day to stay in shape, improve posture, and think about your well-being permanently.

  • 5 fun workout modules tailored to your clients' needs.

  • A unique workout method that makes you original and unique from your competitors.

  • Wellness for your clients and obvious benefits for your gym.

StraFit is a fun, safe and effective method that, in just 24 minutes, activates 600 muscles throughout the body, ensuring that each person gets a complete workout.

Moreover, thanks to its highly shock-absorbing structure, it guarantees a safe workout, even for the most fragile clients, who will be able to train in total safety, safeguard their joints, and no longer give up on an intense workout that brings real, visible results.

Yet, know that these are just some of the improvements you could make to your gym, thanks to StraFit.

Maybe you're thinking now that basically you've always done it your way and things have always worked out well for you, so why make a change right now and partner with StraFit?

Simple, because this will be your best ally in revolutionizing your fitness center.

Not only will it increase your turnover, but it will help you have a loyal and recurring clientele who will see your gym as the fundamental and indispensable pillar of their well-being.

But we don't want to be the ones to explain it to you.

We'll leave that to all the satisfied clients and partners who, every day, leave us 5-star testimonials on StraFit.

Handmade IT

StraFit is a strictly made in Italy product, handcrafted by selected artisans. This is why the quality is very high and the pieces are limited.


As you can see, StraFit is a bridge connecting your customers' needs to your business aspirations.

And if the words you've just read haven't convinced you yet, wait until you see the steel guarantee we thought we'd dedicate to you.

"I'm back in shape after suffering a bad knee injury!"


"StraFit helps you be consistent in your workout!"


"I lost 10 pounds in two months thanks to StraFit!"


As you can see, StraFit is a bridge that connects your clients' needs to your business aspirations, and if the words you've just read haven't convinced you yet, wait until you see the steely guarantee we've thoughtfully dedicated to you.

Now it's up to you to decide whether to take part in the revolution of the fitness world, or stay the same as all the other gyms out there.

Know that we have listed just a few of the features that would really make a difference within your gym, but there are many more new features all waiting to be discovered to take your fitness center to the next level.

To find out all of them, all you have to do is fill out the form below with your details and click on the button: one of our StraFit experts will contact you as soon as possible and without obligation, to explain all the advantages you will have by becoming our Partner.

He will clarify all your doubts and you can arrange a free visit directly to your gym.

The future is just a click away.

What are you waiting for?

Become a pioneer of change in the fitness world and press the button below!


What training needs does Strafit address?

Strafit is an innovative and versatile piece of equipment designed to meet all training needs. The portal presents workouts that address specific needs: metabolic awakening, reactivation of the lymphatic system, development of balance, agility, strength. There is even a program perfect for seniors!

Do you need special footwear?

To train on Strafit you don't need shoes! In fact, one of its features is precisely the stimulation of the foot, the second heart of our body. Training without shoes promotes venous return and activation of the lymphatic system.

How to clean and maintain Strafit?

A dampened microfiber cloth is recommended for cleaning Strafit. In the case of stubborn stains, use a neutral detergent, then rinse, then dry to prevent halos from forming. Avoid harsh chemicals such as bleach and alcohol that could damage the faux leather. No dry cleaning. No tumble dryer. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat sources.

Are there any contraindications?

Strafit has no contraindications. However, it is not a medical device and should be used while observing the following safety rules. The surface is unstable to allow muscles to work and balance. Children under the age of six should use it with adult supervision, and the elderly should use it with the aid a stable support. Support on a mat or anti-slip support is recommended.

Is Strafit certified?

Yes, certified materials are used to make Strafit: CertiPUR, concerning the environmental sustainability, safety and healthiness of the polyurethane foam used; STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification concerning raw materials, semi-finished and finished textile products at every level of processing, as well as for the accessory materials used.

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